Number one choice for school staging

CPS school staging is extremely versatile, compact to store, easy to assemble, light in weight and strong.  This means that the rearrangement of floor space in a school hall including the erection of a flat or tiered stage is something anyone can achieve in a matter of minutes.

Our stage systems are designed for operation in its simplest form, which has been achieved with flying colours and leaves the user no hassle. A finished school stage therefore has no rattles from loose tops, clacking components or any trip hazards.

The system is entirely professional with securely fastened beech finished decks which can be polished, carpeted, etc. Many accessories are available including steps, valance curtains, backdrop curtains, fascia’s, handrails, choir holding borders, storage trolleys, lecterns, sound and light kits.

Our school staging systems are designed to be extremely compact to store and a full 40m2 staging package can be stored on just 2m2 of floor space which is key aspect when purchasing staging as it often will spend the majority of the year in storage.

CPS firmly believe that a professional system is essential in increasing the confidence of both students and staff alike and can lift the whole level of the performance from both an audience and performers perspective.

For schools that require smaller staging CPS has a range of keenly priced staging packages to suit even the smallest of budgets.  However, for older students and more advanced performers, the need for a professional and often bespoke manufactured stage to your needs is required. CPS is able to offer full size systems for professional applications with full theatre style accessories to create the desired effect.

Most of CPS staging systems come complete with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  As always we’d love to hear from you whether your stage requirements are simple or complex, large or small and we can give you an expert view on the way in which your school hall can be fully maximised and benefit from our package deals.

If you would like more information about our school staging products please contact us on 01302 741888 or email us and we’ll be in touch.