Melodia 5 Kettledrum and Conductors Chair

Price On Application

The Melodia 5 chair is an ergonomic seat for kettledrum players and conductors with a rotating seat.

With a height adjustable from 570 to 830mm, the seat’s fabric and cushioning is made from fire-resistant materials of Trevira CS and durable fabrics.

The chair has a height adjustable foot-rest, seat and backrest. The seat angle can also be adjusted.

The seat’s base has five legs with slip-resistant feet.

Key Features

  • Material: Steel
  • Height adjustment: Pneumatic spring
  • Colour: Black
  • Leg construction: 5 leg base


  • Weight: 12.8kg
  • Height: From 570 to 830mm
  • Seat: 440 x 440mm
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