Melodia 6 Musician’s Chair

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The Melodia 6 Musician’s Chair is a revolutionary chair designed for musicians to ergonomically sit tall while performing.

Suited to all seated members of the orchestra, the chair ensures you are optimally elevated for relaxed breathing with an open playing posture.

The seat provides neutral postural control and the chair’s rear sit-bones encourage a forward pelvic position.

The Melodia 6 musician’s chair is fully recyclable as the shell and backrest is made from steamed cherry veneer with the seatbase made from powder-coated steel.

The chair can be folded up and carried using its handles. Up to 10 musician chairs can be stacked per metre.

The seat’s height is adjustable from 430 to 570 mm. Alternative fabrics and colours are available for the chair.

Key Features

  • Fully recyclable chair
  • Materials: Steamed cherry veneer; Powder-coated steel
  • Height and angle adjustable seat


  • 560 x 435 x 860-1000 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg
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