Do you remember your first time on stage?

Christmas performances, school bands, presentations, drama lessons, sports and leaving ceremonies, etc. were all regular events throughout our time at school but who can remember the very first time they stood on stage in front of an audience?

Of course, the Christmas panto season is almost upon us and it got us thinking back to the good old school days when we used to hold our annual nativity plays. We all remember it well and the build-up of anticipation and tension leading up to the event used to put our stomachs in knots!

The school’s rickety stage consisted of old wooden blocks which were a health and safety hazard and further knocked our confidence levels – we’re pretty sure it would have been condemned today!

The above is quite the opposite of a CPS demountable stage which is extremely versatile, lightweight and strong and can give all those who use it a feel-good factor and increase the success of a performance.

Our staging is also very compact to store and can be transported around the school or to different venues using an innovative, easy to handle trolley system. In fact, a complete stage of up to 40m² can be stored in just 2m² of floor space which helps maximise your storage capabilities.

After supplying thousands of stages into schools we will be very pleased to give you an expert’s view on how to maximise the use and space within your school hall for all these events.

Simply email us or call on 01302 741888 for more details on our exclusive school stage package deals. We are willing to provide you with a no-obligation quotation and a visit to discuss your exact requirements.

It is still possible to order a new stage for this year’s Christmas performances – there’s no need to panic just yet!

From concept to completion we’ve got it covered.