Set the stage

choir risers

Imagine yourself in the nativity season as a young teacher. You have never felt as proud as you do in this moment when you gaze upon the modular stage and your class performs the next chorus of silent night.

It is a special night, your pupils are on stage under the bright lights in the school hall singing carols, dancing and playing music. A Joyful clapping rings throughout the hall as they finish the song, the audience of parents, students and teachers stand to applaud.

When the lights dim the night is over, the teachers and parents help the children in the long process of packing away the stage, you glance over towards the massive stacks of wooden blocks, noticing they have seen better days. You consider that you may have to find replacements, but with Christmas just around the corner who can you turn to?

CPS Manufacturing Co has the solution! A professional and experienced crafter of school stages, CPS has over 50 years industry expertise based on structural and mechanical engineering principles. Our stages are compact and easy to transport – a complete stage of 40m2 can be stored in just 2m2 of floor space!

When your children are up on the stage gaining confidence in performing, as parents and teachers, you want to be certain they are safe so that you can focus on clapping, cheering and encouraging their success and achievement.

Do you trust your pupils’ safety with the stage that you remember performing on when you were a child? As a parent, can you put your faith in those old, dilapidated dust covered wooden blocks that bend and rock with every step?

When your child is reaching for the stars at their best, a CPS manufactured stage provides them with the perfect platform for their performance. Accept nothing less than absolute reliability, security and safety with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser meaning CPS guarantees unparalleled high-quality workmanship and materials. With Christmas just around the corner, you want to ensure that your children’s nativity play is in safe hands.

We are very happy to be the unsung hero holding the dreams of today’s children on our shoulders. Parents and teachers alike know that a CPS stage is amongst the best in the world. Hallmarks of a CPS stage include reliability, versatility, and are of a strong and lightweight construction.

We offer a superb range of stages for Christmas performances, bands, presentations, drama lessons ceremonies and more. We firmly believe that a professional stage system is an important cornerstone of any performance that increases the confidence of both the students and staff alike to help lift the level of performance from an audience and performers perspective.

Let us build your stage with confidence. Simply email us or call on 01302 741888 about our exclusive school stage package deals. We will be delighted to provide you with a no-obligation quotation and a visit to discuss your exact requirements.